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I fell in love with glass after my first touch in the hot shop making a paperweight at the Chronicle Glass Studio. From that first experience of hot glass I continued to learn under the guidance of the many professionals that willingly shared their knowledge and experience with a keen novice.

My background is more rooted in engineering, as I completed a BE(Mech) at Canterbury University in 1980s. I have through this, a strong connection to geometry and mathematics. Geometric patterns and clean forms are a regular feature of my glass. The best example are the cylinders I decorated with Girth (traditional Islamic patterns) made up of tessellating combinations of rosettes and stars.

More recently I have branched out and have started casting with lead crystal glass. Unlike the immediacy of working hot glass, casting lets me explore design and form with more control and reproducibility.

Whats with the seven pointed star logo? It represents the seven alchemical substances - Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt. These are the key ingredients for making glass.

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